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Julian Lord:

>IMO, we have to be very careful with these early Uleria myths for two
>reasons :

>a) They were written up by God Learners

The Ulerian Chaos connection is supported by the Chaotic Interlude from a Lhankor Mhy Sage's letter in Cults of Terror:

         The earliest tales exalt chaos, and it is called "Mother and
         Father of the World" in an Ulerian song, while an ancient
         Earth song of the Sacred Time says "there is nothing so
         wondrous or so blessed as chaos, from whence we spring
         and are moulded."
                 Cults of Terror p47, Cult Compendium p262

And the earth song is further evidence of mythical ground for the earth accepting chaos.

>Anyway, the actions of that particular transcendental goddess of the
>Gloranthan Court can hardly be presented as credible proof of Ernalda or
>other *modernly worshipped* powers of the Earth accepting Chaos
>(anecdotally, perhaps there are some that *do* ; certainly NOT Ernalda
>though !).

The She Who Waits subcult of Ernalda in Tarsh does accept the Red Moon and (by extension) Chaos. In light of the ancient Earth Song, they are on sound mythical basis.

>Her mortal worshippers generally believe that she is opposed
>to Chaos in the same way,

Which would be news at least to the Dorastrans and the Empire as they believe that Rashoran illuminated Uleria in the Good Old Days.

--Peter Metcalfe

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