RE: [Glorantha]JarEel's death

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 20:05:11 +0100

> > JarEel was killed when Harrek tore her heart out. What is being
> > described is a heroic death from which nobody returns.
> It would be nice to think for JarEel's sake that she died
> here and didn't have to experience what came later.

Without checking sources, that was going off with Annstad of Dunstop and living happliy ever after, wasn't it?

> If nothing else, it certainly would contribute to her
> historical legacy. Look how well Kallyr's reputation has been
> served by not being around to have to deal with the
> impossible circumstances that Argrath faced...

But then, since he was the one who arranged for her to be killed, he deserved all he got.

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