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From: Stephen Tempest <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 20:59:39 +0100

David Dunham <> writes:

>Harrek doesn't appear at all in part 4. This fight nominally concerns=20
>Argrath and Jar-eel.

But Jar-eel doesn't get killed in Part 4...

Part 3 has the Battle of Heroes near Bagnot, where Jar-eel badly injures Harrek but has her heart ripped out. Following this, Argrath conquers Tarsh. Harrek plays no further role in the saga.

Part 4 has Argrath trying to add Holay to his empire, and Jar-eel is again his opponent - either through a scribal error, or because she's been resurrected, or through weird Lunar cyclical magic, or because it's a different Jar-eel. This time, she abandons the fight half-way through to go and visit her lover (CHDP has a different take on this: she falls in love on the battlefield with Argrath's champion Annstad of Dunstop, and the two go off together). Either way she plays no further part in the saga after this.

It would be nice to think that she settled down with Annstad, had kids, and gave up the superhero lifestyle...


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