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> >When the alternative is something silly (namely the moon zooming
> >in the heavens when crossing the glowline) then I stick with common
> >sense.

>The Glowline is a magical boundary, upon crossing it you experience a
>different reality.

Which doesn't require the transition to be downright silly.

>That's why I carefully wrote "change of phase _effect_".

In which case you should have explained it earlier when I asked "what change of phase" instead of reciting the effects of the glowline.

> >The Glowline is stated to be
> >a giant web in which Yara Aranis scuttles over. Although the raison
> >d'etre isn't spelled out there, Yara Aranis devouring sacrifices to give
> >birth to the invisible Reaching Moon is parallel to Arachne Solara
> >devouring the Devil to give birth to Time.

>This is very fine for explaining the expansion of the original Silver Shadow.

The Silver Shadow has nothing to do with the Glowline nor was the above description described as only covering the glowline and nowhere else.

> >The Silver Shadow Sultannate was in existence before Sheng Seleris
> >and the Good Shore Temple is markedly off centre of the Sultannate's
> >borders. Hence I doubt that the Glowline is responsible for the Silver
> >Shadow.

>My reasoning is that the Silver Shadow is the original border of the
>"under the full/half moon" effect, and that Yara Aranis took it from there
>across the empire, bulging it out around her temples.

If so then why does the Good Shore lie within the Silver Shadow?

> >But that said, what was your raison d'etre for the Glowline?

>Basically a topological identity of the Crown Mountains rim on the moon
>and the rim of the Crater. The Empire within the Glowline acts "as if on
>the surface of the moon".

I would expect the magic to be far stronger and also changing as does the Moon's surface considering that the surface of the Moon is not always full.

--Peter Metcalfe

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