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> >>>>The red earth of Naveria sought to hinder the rise of the Red Moon,
> >>>>and still seeks to draw it down.
> >>>They did?
>Grammar check: I said "the red earth of Naveria", and Peter asks "They did?"
>I said nothing about the people.

Then you should have said so in response to my question instead of waffling about the High Gods of Pelanda.

> >The Pelandans are not Naverians and the going-ons at Mount
> >Jernotius is evidence that Natha was accepted by them.

>Forced upon them as their equal, and the old gods objected for quite a while.

Which has what to do with your assertion that the Red Earth sought to hinder the rise of the Red Moon and still seeks to draw it down? All that the Crater description says is that as the Goddess rose, the earth reached vainly for her child.

> >I find it hard to believe
> >that the conflict is evidence that the Naverians sought to hinder
> >the rise of the Red Moon and still seek to draw it down.

>I think we can safely assume that where the Crater is now there were
>farmsteads and villages before 1247.

Except that the Crater isn't in Naveria but Vonlath. And as for assuming that it was farmsteads etc, I think the damage was already done with the eruption of the Ervuthan Lava Beds that devoured Emperor Dagguneri.

>As to the use of Chaos against Chaos, this usually comes out of an
>escalation of desperation. Like in the Gbaji Wars.

Let's see. In discussing the Carantes use of the Hydra, you listed two cases of chaos usage a) the Hidden Kings and b) the Dorastrans.

The Hidden Kings didn't use Chaos and the Dorastrans weren't opposed to the use of chaos. So how do these support your claim that the people of Carantes were opposed to the red Goddess for her Chaoticness and desperate? Given that the Lunar Wane chronicles actually says "[...] the Lunar Empire withdrew from their attempt to recapture the city of Carantes, [...]", it's clear that Carantes was originally in their hands until captured by the Carmanians with the implication that the Hydra was summoned by the occupying troops.

--Peter Metcalfe

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