[Glorantha]Uleria and Chaos

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_quicksilver.net.nz>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 12:43:03 +1200

Julian Lord:

> >The She Who Waits subcult of Ernalda in Tarsh does accept the Red
> >Moon and (by extension) Chaos.

>It's clear from most Lunar sources that ordinary Lunars do not in fact
>accept Chaos, but reject it instead,

What lunar sources would these be? Moreover the topic is religion and the Lunar Way does not reject Chaos.

>Contrariwise attempts by Lunar religious authorities

The acceptance of Chaos is not an imposition from religious authorities (the Empire doesn't operate in such a way) but an integral part of the Lunar Way.

> >In light of the ancient Earth Song, they
> >are on sound mythical basis.

>There's no question that the basis is there ; the question is whether it
>is still relevant in modern Glorantha ...

If it's still remembered, it's relevant.

> >Which would be news at least to the Dorastrans and the Empire
> >as they believe that Rashoran illuminated Uleria in the Good Old
> >Days.

>Such exceptions do not invalidate the general beliefs of most Ulerians

How do you know the general beliefs of most Ulerians?

>Anyway, Uleria
>didn't and doesn't need illuminating, being a transcendental Elder

>Goddess to start with,

That doesn't explain how Uleria was confounded when she became impregnated herself.

I think you err in presuming that the Elder Gods existed from the beginning with Perfect Wisdom. The Era of Creation is the period of the Elder Gods becoming aware of themselves, their potential and each other. This process is completed when Umath was born.

The subsequent Era of Destruction is the karmic nature of their actions coming back to bite them. The fate of the Elder Gods in the Era of Destruction was to become destroyed or unmade. That they didn't was because the Devil appeared, which caused the Cosmos to revolt against its doom.

Hence it is perfectly normal for an Elder God to undergo change or transformation during the mythic times to become what it is now.

--Peter Metcalfe

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