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From: Darran <darransims_at_ntlworld.com>
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 13:09:06 +0100

Greetings and Salutations

This is an update of what is happening at Continuum 23rd - 26th July = 2004, Digby Hall, Leicester University with less than a month to go. So if you are interested goto:
For the Yahoo Group goto:

Remember that Guests of Honour include:
Charlie Krank of Chaosium,
Stephen Martin of Issaries,
Mark Galeotti writer of Unspoken Word,
Simon Bray artist and writer of Unspoken Word.

Lawrence Whitaker wrote:

Greetings, Continuuees


So, England's Euro-dreams are dashed again on the rocks of a penalty = shoot-out and amidst the controversy of a referee's decision. Never = mind - soothe your aching hearts (or jubilant ones, if you're not = English!) with the comforting thought that Continuum's only a month = away, and that its referees never make bad calls.


Down to business - and we have a few very important announcements and = updates.


Sign-Up Deadline

You MUST register for Continuum by the 8th July at the latest. The = final list of attendees is sent to university on the 9th, and whilst we = can accept registrations after this date, it causes no-end of admin = hassle. There's still room to make your booking, so, if you've been = putting it off, thinking it's okay to turn-up on the day (it's not), or = waiting to celebrate England's Euro victory by signing for a really, = really good gaming con, now's the time to act. Remember - 8th July.


Cardolani Succession

It's with great regret that we have to announce that Cardolani = Succession will not be taking place. It's very disappointing, but = ultimately the take-up of places didn't reach the level required for = running the game. We'd like to offer our apologies to all those who did = sign-up for Cardolani, and assure you that we did everything we could to = keep the game alive. Sadly, it wasn't to be. =20


The committee is looking at ways in which to occupy the slot Cardolani = now leaves, which means that there'll be some significant timetable = changes to come. More details as they happen.


Cruel Hearts

Although we haven't reached full complement for Cruel Hearts, it will be = running. Colin and I will be making some character and plot adjustments = this weekend and sending character sheets out next week.


Bring and Buy/Continuum Ebay Auction

Hope you're all hunting through your games collections for the stuff you = need to unburden at the Bring and Buy. Remember, premium items will go = into the Ebay Auction to be held over the weekend. Details and product = sheets can be found at www.continuum.uk.net


Polo Shirts

The committee will be sporting incredibly stylish Continuum polo shirts =
over the course of the weekend, provoking all kinds of sartorial envy.  =
But it needn't be that way!  You can join the 'In Crowd' and sport your =
own polo shirt. The cost is to be determined, but it'll be reasonable = and the shirt high-quality, with a discreet and attractive Continuum = 2004 logo. Although shirts will be on sale at the con, why wait? Let = Darran Sims know now if you're interested, including preferred size = although they're likely to be Gamer Large and XL, as standard) and = arrangements will be made.


Membership List

The latest, up-to-date membership is now on the Yahoo group files, and = on the website.


All for now, my friends, except to wish you a great weekend. And = remember, we still have Tim Henman flying the UK flag at Wimbledon - so = plenty of time for yet more nervous breakdowns.


Continuum Central



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