Re: [Glorantha]Re: Lunar topics

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 19:03:06 +0100

Joerg on the position of the moon, as regards the Glowline:
> Provided one can observe a transitional effect at all. Not sure about that.

If the appearance inside and outside are different, how can there _not_ be a 'transitional effect' of some kind?  

> Only sure about the official facts: viewed from the outside, quite low in
> the sky, above the Crater. Viewed from the inside, high in its supposedly
> original position. YGWV.

What's the basis of the Officialness of said facts? And in the sense that "supposedly original position" makes her an 'ordinary' fixed celestial object in the NW sky?

(I'd suggest that the Obvious Compromise here was a moon that was at her 'ordained height' within the glowline, but still always seems to be in the direction of Glamour.)



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