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From: Julian Lord <jlord_at_free.fr>
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 13:47:15 +0200

Peter :

>>>> >The She Who Waits subcult of Ernalda in Tarsh does accept the Red
>>>> >Moon and (by extension) Chaos.
>>>It's clear from most Lunar sources that ordinary Lunars do not in fact
>>>accept Chaos, but reject it instead,
>What lunar sources would these be? Moreover the topic is religion
>and the Lunar Way does not reject Chaos.

The sub-topic was the Ernalda cult in Tarsh, and her possible
connectiuon(s) with Uleria etc., and your difficult suggestion that this cult would accept Chaos. This cult is a cult for ordinary people, not for chaos-loving loonie Rashoran-gazers ...

>>>Contrariwise attempts by Lunar religious authorities
>The acceptance of Chaos is not an imposition from religious
>authorities (the Empire doesn't operate in such a way) but an
>integral part of the Lunar Way.
"Imposition" your inference, not my suggestion.

The Lunar religious authorities in any case attempt to promote such doctrines.

>>>> >In light of the ancient Earth Song, they
>>>> >are on sound mythical basis.
>>>There's no question that the basis is there ; the question is whether it
>>>is still relevant in modern Glorantha ...
>If it's still remembered, it's relevant.
Given that it is only recorded in a GL document, it is a *question* whether it is relevant, not a *hard fact*.

>>>> >Which would be news at least to the Dorastrans and the Empire
>>>> >as they believe that Rashoran illuminated Uleria in the Good Old
>>>> >Days.
>>>Such exceptions do not invalidate the general beliefs of most Ulerians
>How do you know the general beliefs of most Ulerians?
Now THAT would be telling, wouldn't it ?

But as this is a family list, I'll leave all of my juicy, X-rated sources anonymous, and safely censored, nudge-nudge wink-wink ...


Actually, whether or not I know them is completely irrelevant :

The fact that some (CERTAINLY not all) Dorastrans, and some Lunar mystics have these beliefs simply doesn't mean that they know the ultimate truth about Uleria's relationship, mystical or otherwise, with the entity represented as "Rashoran" in those local mythologies.

>>>Anyway, Uleria
>>>didn't and doesn't need illuminating, being a transcendental Elder
>>>Goddess to start with,
>That doesn't explain how Uleria was confounded when she became
>impregnated herself.

That is just one humanocentric myth, hardly the be-all and end-all of Uleria's parthenogenetic ways ...

FWIW, Uleria's self-impregnation was practically the first thing she ever did, and was a major cause of the fragmentation of the Gloranthan Court.

Anyway, what does any of this have to do with Rashoran ?

>I think you err in presuming that the Elder Gods existed from the
>beginning with Perfect Wisdom.
You err in your assumption that I believe any such thing.

>The Era of Creation is the period
>of the Elder Gods becoming aware of themselves, their potential
>and each other. This process is completed when Umath was born.
According to the GL mythology, yes.

And ?

>The subsequent Era of Destruction is the karmic nature of their actions
>coming back to bite them.
Well, that's certainly one valid myth, yes. Another would be that they willingly caused the Era of Destruction. Another would be that the Era
of Creation was simultaneous with that of Creation, given the inherent dualities of the Court. Another would be that the Cosmic Dragon rolled over in its sleep. Or opened its Left Eye. Or that Glorantha/Creator/Maker/Whatever made something New and fractured the previous perfection. Another would be that it was a mechanical consequence of the entropic forces surrounding Creation. Others would be that Creation Flew Apart and/or Crashed Together. Et cetera.

The only really important points are that there was an Era of Creation ; there was an Era of Destruction.

>The fate of the Elder Gods in the Era of
>Destruction was to become destroyed or unmade. That they didn't
>was because the Devil appeared, which caused the Cosmos to revolt
>against its doom.
>Hence it is perfectly normal for an Elder God to undergo change
>or transformation during the mythic times to become what it is

You make the common mistake of assuming that the Elder Gods of GL mythology are one and the same as the actual transcendental entities that those myths represent.

One of the first Uleriae that Uleria parthenogenetically engendered was the Uleria of the Gloranthan Court. The strange thing is that these are actually a single entity, but also they are not.

Uleria's very essence is a transformative one, which is one of the reasons why she is a transcendental entity. Not the ONLY reason, but one of them.

Julian Lord

"Hmmm, I've heard of other powers.
Can you tell me about ...

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