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Julian Lord:

>Me>Moreover the topic is religion
> >and the Lunar Way does not reject Chaos.

>The sub-topic was the Ernalda cult in Tarsh, and her possible
>connectiuon(s) with Uleria etc.,

No possible connections with Uleria were suggested. What I did say was that there existed ample background for Earth religions to accept Chaos and cited Uleria (in Elf mythology) and the Moon Ernaldans of Tarsh.

>and your difficult suggestion that this
>cult would accept Chaos.

The cult concerned accepts the Red Moon and the Red Moon accepts chaos.

>This cult is a cult for ordinary people, not
>for chaos-loving loonie Rashoran-gazers ...

The acceptance of chaos is intrinsic to the Lunar Way. If you follow the Lunar Way, you cannot avoid this attitude. Given the widespread knowledge of the Bat, it's impossible to pretend to be a Lunar without knowing the Goddess's attitude towards chaos.

Secondly the She Who Waits cult is *not* a subcult for ordinary people but a magical subcult equivalent to Overdruva Forestfriend, Belveren Chaos Cleanser or Kev the Visionary.

> >If [the Ancient Earth Song is] still remembered, it's relevant.

>Given that it is only recorded in a GL document, it is a *question*
>whether it is relevant, not a *hard fact*.

The Ancient Earth Song is not recorded in a GL document, it appears in a letter by a Lhankor Mhy Grey Sage written in 1599 ST.

> >That doesn't explain how Uleria was confounded when she became
> >impregnated herself.

>That is just one humanocentric myth, hardly the be-all and end-all of
>Uleria's parthenogenetic ways ...

>FWIW, Uleria's self-impregnation was practically the first thing she
>ever did, and was a major cause of the fragmentation of the Gloranthan

No, it took place during the Storm Age and is part and parcel of a trope about the Celestial Court finding themselves confronted by their own contradictions - Kargan Tor faces himself in Battle and Acos finds himself unjust. Uleria's impregnation of herself must be distinguished from the things that she did during the era of creation.

>Anyway, what does any of this have to do with Rashoran ?

I pointed out that Rashoran illuminated Uleria. You countered with the statement that as a Transcendent Entity, she needs no illumination. The explicit statement of her self-impregnation being a crisis shows that Uleria can undergo spiritual crises and thus is a candidate for illumination.

> >The Era of Creation is the period
> >of the Elder Gods becoming aware of themselves, their potential
> >and each other. This process is completed when Umath was born.

>According to the GL mythology, yes.

The God Learners aren't wrong.

> >The subsequent Era of Destruction is the karmic nature of their actions
> >coming back to bite them.

>Well, that's certainly one valid myth, yes. Another would be that they
>willingly caused the Era of Destruction.

And who believes this? All the statements are that they did not know what was happening to them.

> >Hence it is perfectly normal for an Elder God to undergo change
> >or transformation during the mythic times to become what it is
> >now.

>You make the common mistake of assuming that the Elder Gods of GL
>mythology are one and the same as the actual transcendental entities
>that those myths represent.

Since the God Learners constructed their mythology from all the diverse Elder God mythology that they could find and that in only one case did they not succeed, what I have been doing is not a mistake but amply supported by the literature. In any case, your point does not rebut what I wrote.

--Peter Metcalfe

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