Re: [Glorantha] Question on Lunar Empire and Slaves

From: Donald R. Oddy <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 02:03:28 GMT

In message <008901c465ea$a7e1c400$e6150a0a_at_SOLOVAY> "Andrew Solovay" writes:
>Donald R. Oddy <> wrote:
>> Of course if they are legally freed they can
>> do as they choose - some will return home, some continue working for
>> their old owner while others will find employment locally.
>Do we know this? In some cultures (e.g. Rome) freed slaves had fairly
>elaborate obligations to their former masters. Do we know just what status
>Lunar freedmen have?

If you want Greg's answer you'll have to ask him. I don't think there is anything canon on the subject. That's why I added YGWV to the end of the mail.

My view is that it's far more complicated than that. Each of the Lunar cultures have their own rules about slavery - when it's permitted, what obligations the owner has, how slaves are freed. About the only rule I think that applies everywhere is that Lunar citizens cannot be slaves. It's a crime to attempt to enslave a Lunar citizen and a slave must be freed before they can gain citizenship.

Donald Oddy


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