Re: [Glorantha]Origins of Thunder Brothers

From: Andrew Solovay <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 12:25:57 -0700

Joerg Baumgartner <> wrote:


> Also, what happened to the Thunder Sisters? Or was Orlanth guaranteed
> to father sons on mortal women?

As I understand it, the female equivalents of the Thunder Brothers are the various sub-cults of daughters of Ernalda--most of whom, presumably, are daughters of Orlanth. And Vinga, of course, is a Thunder Brother by courtesy.

Since we don't *really* know that *any* of the TBs had mortal parents, I don't think we need to say that Orlanth "only had sons by mortal women". In fact, given the Orlanthi hatred of adultery, I'm inclined to doubt that he had any children by other women after he married Ernalda (except, perhaps, while Ernalda was dead). But if he did, well, maybe he had daughters that weren't worshipped, or maybe some of the random miscellaneous goddesses actually began as mortal daughters of Orlanth.

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