RE: [Glorantha]Re: Need a joke

From: Manuel MOLINIER <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 07:06:34 +0200

"A Sartarite enter the inn with a bucket of shit. He order a beer, drink it,
throw the bucket of shit in the air and with a storm spell put some everywhere.
Then he get out of the inn."
"Next day he enter the inn and repeat the same ritual ... and when getting
out the innkeeper says : Hey you what are you doing like that ..."
"And the Sartarite answer : I'm taking Chieftain class. You come in the
morning, drink a beer, spread shit everywhere and then disappear for whole day".

It's a bad remake of a french joke about management ... sorry.


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"A shaman, a sorcerer, and a berserker go into a bar.
They all order drinks. The berserker kills the other two."

Oh, wait, that's only funny to a Storm Bull.

Chris Lemens

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