[Glorantha](Spoiler) Kallyr's Skyquest on Kerofinela and Skydome

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Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 00:21:08 +0900

<Little Spoiler comment, attempt to analyze Scenario of Gathering Thunder....>

I uploaded my Starlist according with "The Sky Ship" scenario, I am not sure my idea is right or wrong. (I was a little bit confused for here is no mention about "Diros".... maybe the figure is from Kethaela, not from heortling......)

Perhaps from Ash Anvari to Penendros Tower is alongside with the mirroring of Middle World / God's World from Storm Realm to Sky Realm, see Thunder Rebel's Map.......p.137, from Storm Village to "South" of Kerofinela, to the lower-left of the map, Sky God Plane........

I puzzle about the "distance" from Erkonos Stars (it was called Food Contest in Drastic Prax), to Celestial River is quite a long route to reach there, even if the Ship can be found at only there, perhaps from Throne (City of Princess Starry Eyes?) to Dragonisles (Burburstus), is short distance than that........ But there is no physical "distance" in God Plane, and this is exceptional quest for it travels of mundane / gods sky realm, not heroplane / Gods War.

Later, Kallyr must go to skyworld again to raise Dragon of Jarn, see official Issaries site.......... but at this time, she must go to there from Storm Gate and dance with the myth just as Orlanth conquered Sky Realm in Gathering Thunder p.50 to reach Polestar and to turn it into Rigsdal. (How Orlanth Organized Stars.....)



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