[Glorantha]AP bidding aids

From: Paul May <kax_at_orac.net.au>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 20:48:15 +1000

At 06:20 PM 29/07/04, you wrote:
>Like mine, your players might like to use something physical to realize
>Action/Advantage Points or Hero Points as they are wagered, lost and won.
>I've printed up Hero Point currency on business card stock (with a
>Extended Contest grid on the back) in different colors for different
>denominations. And I've been experimenting with plastic chips in gold,
>silver and bronze for AP bidding. They mimic the Heortling valuation from
>_Thunder Rebels_, as if they were Issaries-blessed trade tokens: gold is
>worth 20, marked with a cow; silver is worth 4, marked with a boar, and
>bronze is worth 1, marked with a barley sheaf and MinLister's basket. The
>gold trade token is a Mastery; the others "make change." What do you think?

  Brilliant! Will do that - visual & kinaesthetic is good!

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