[Glorantha]Re: Ropecon

From: Matti Järvinen <matti.jarvinen_at_nysalor.net>
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 02:24:33 +0300

Paul May wrote:
> At 06:20 PM 29/07/04, you wrote:
> >I and two other members of Kalikos organized the
> >panel discussion named "Glorantha esoterica" on Friday. There were many
> >really esoteric subjects: Kloisari (Badger Hsunchen) Rituals, God
> >Orthodox Mysticism, Kralorela during the Hero Wars, Dwarves, Malkioni
> >Elements, etc. About two dozen listeners had come to listen us, and they
> >also took part in discussion.
> Is there a transcript available? If so, where, please? :) Thanks.

Unfortunately, we didn't record the discussion. Sorry. :( Perhaps next year if we organize Glorantha esoterica or something like that at Ropecon.

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