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Women "wear loose fitting draped garments that conceal limb and neck, and cultists are scandalised are scandalised by naked arms and legs". They "dress modestly and wear veils". Men "favour beards".

I can't find a reference to clothing colours, but the cultists on the cover have yellow and blue trimmings around their armour.

I would guess that the colour of the womens clothing might be dark and plain as in some muslim countries.


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hi all,

I do not have access to my sources and i need an information that is in the Sun County book (i think). I remember that in this place, females were hiding most of their body with dress and veil and such (like some RL musulm women). My question is about the color of those dress, are they dark blue and black or can they be colorfull ? What is said in the book ?

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Grégory Privat

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