RE: [Glorantha]Sun Dome Temple women

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 20:26:58 +0100

> I do not have access to my sources and i need an information
> that is in the Sun County book (i think). I remember that in
> this place, females were hiding most of their body with dress
> and veil and such (like some RL musulm women). My question is
> about the color of those dress, are they dark blue and black
> or can they be colorfull ? What is said in the book ?

As far as I can see, the colour is never stated. I've always assumed white to be predominant, but this is my assumption, not the sources.

Let me check all available references on female clothing in SC for you:

P6 "Women... are expected to dress modestly, and veil their faces in mixed company."

P26 "Yelmalian women are usually chastely clothed in loose-fitting, draped garments that conceal limbs and neck, and cultists are scandalised by naked arms and legs."

Yes, that's it!

There are pictures of women, but they're in Garhound, which is Orlanthi, not Sun County.

Available fabric - they grow flax, so have linen. Wool is from sables and impalas.

Checking "Shadows on the Borderland" and "Gaumata's vision", Penliss, the vllage shaman, is pictured on p10 wearing some dark-coloured fabric. Of course, she probably isn't typical of Yelmalian women.

I would guess that green is a popular colour, since most women are Earth cultists, but that's only a guess. Lower-class women will wear undyed fabric, so that's cream for linen and whatever colour a sable or impala's "wool" may be. (If they're anything like RW antelope, BTW, that's hair, not wool, and won't have the stretchy properties of wool. Much harder to spin, too. I doubt if it's popular for fabric.)

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