[Glorantha]Sun County Women

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Jane Williams:

>There are pictures of women, but they're in Garhound, which is Orlanthi,
>not Sun County.

There are two women on the back row wearing veils in the Ladies Choice picture (SC p84) who are almost certainly Sun County females. Considering that the females on the front row are easily identifiable with characters in the text, I hardly think they are Orlanthi. One is wearing a dark veil with light clothing and the other is reversed.

--Peter Metcalfe

>Available fabric - they grow flax, so have linen. Wool is from sables
>and impalas.
>Checking "Shadows on the Borderland" and "Gaumata's vision", Penliss,
>the vllage shaman, is pictured on p10 wearing some dark-coloured fabric.
>Of course, she probably isn't typical of Yelmalian women.
>I would guess that green is a popular colour, since most women are Earth
>cultists, but that's only a guess. Lower-class women will wear undyed
>fabric, so that's cream for linen and whatever colour a sable or
>impala's "wool" may be. (If they're anything like RW antelope, BTW,
>that's hair, not wool, and won't have the stretchy properties of wool.
>Much harder to spin, too. I doubt if it's popular for fabric.)
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>Subject: [Glorantha]Gloranthan Hyena
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>Hi folks.
>While trying to understand a Gloranthan Hyena without confusion, which=

>of habits of the three RW species a Gloranthan Hyena have?
>Forgive me, but I use their latin names now, because I don`t know the
>english translations... :)
>If we look at the brown one (Hyeana brunnea), it`s not so lucky predator at
>all as the dotted one (Crocuta crocuta) - which is maybe the most famous
>killer machine of them.
>Still, there are some interesting things in brown hyena, which could fit
>quite well in Prax and the Wastes: Even though it=B4s feeding almost only=

>carrions and small mammals, it teaches its cub the same paths to find food.
>So they may travel again and again to old places, where they used to find
>carrions and prey alike generations ago.
>Also, as a myth this could explain somehow the mystical travels that
>morokanth Hyena worshipers have.
>-Tero Pitk=E4nen
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