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From: Topi Pitkänen <topi.pitkanen_at_helsinki.fi>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 15:48:10 +0300

Hello people,

> While trying to understand a Gloranthan Hyena without confusion, which
> parts of habits of the three RW species a Gloranthan Hyena have?

It's just my imagination, but wouldn't it be fitting if the parts of Hyena habits corresponded with the Genert parts the hyenas have eaten.

> dotted one - which is maybe the most famous killer machine of them.

May not have "eaten enough" and therefore is such a raven-ous yapper.

> Brown hyena: Even though it´s feeding almost only with carrions and
> small mammals, it teaches its cub the same paths to find food.
> So they may travel again and again to old places, where they used to
> find > carrions and prey alike generations ago.

I think you're definitely unto something here.

(I think I will go and read something about RW hyenas) -Topi

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