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> Except for the rare Yelornans, this doesn't effect women. I'd say men wear
> light yellow as a preferred colour. Women propably favour whites, browns
> and greens.

I would have thought dark for low status women (tainted with darkness), brown and green for common women (earth colors) and pure white for important/holy women (purity and heaven). Blue and gold would be reserved for men. At last this is how I would run it...

> Oh, and I'd stick to Sparta as inspiration on the Sundomers, not muslims.
> All the solar cultures tend to be prudish and chaste (repressed) anyway.
> Greeks were very much like that. They ended up chasing young boys as sex
> objects, since the young pretty women were kept out of the publics eye.

Maybe I remenber incorrectly, but I read that spartan women were an exception in classical Greece because they did receive a martial training with the boys in childhood. The rationale was that a healthy and strong mother would give birth to healthy and stong (and numerous) young warriors (sorry, children). Even after that they had more freedom and right than other greek women because of their mother role (only true for pure spartan citizen of course, perieques and hilots were pretty much like other greeks). So the pure spartan model doesn't quite fit the yelmalion culture. A spartan/muslim hybrid fits better what we know of the sun domers, I think.

> Of course homosexuality seems to go against the social mores of the
> Yelmalians. Then again, it was somewhat frowned upon in greese as well.

I think you mean Greece... :-)
As I recall what was frowned upon was exclusive homosexuality and openly enjoyment of the passive role in an homosexual relation But even then, the famed theban sacred batallion was only made of homosexual couples...

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