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Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 18:02:03 +0100

Tero Pitkänen:

>>My understanding is that the Praxian hyena most closely resembles the
>>Spotted Hyena, rather than >the brown or striped varieties - it is, after
>>all, /Crocuta theovorax/ not /Hyaena theovorax/. Having >said that, it
>>clearly isn't yer actual genuine terrestrial-type Spotted Hyena, so you're
>>certainly >welcome to fit in any changes you like. Besides which, YGWV.
>I checked the latin names from an (actually) old book called "the living
>world of animals". Thanks about the correction.
No correction - while the name of the brown hyena has, in fact, changed since your book was written, that isn't what I was referring to! :) I was actually pointing out that the Praxian Hyena (/C theovorax/) bears the generic name of the RW spotted hyena (/C crocuta/), not that of, say, the striped hyena (/H hyaena/). Thus, one can assume it was
originally intended to resemble the former more than the latter - although YGWV, of course.

>Btw, I think some pictures about Hyena in old TotRM show them as the spotted
>ones too. Not a surprise – they are the most famous of them.
The other two are pretty rare these days, and they're rather better at hiding, too boot. And not half as scary, of course.

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