From: Tero (Tassu) Pitkänen <tassuguy_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 15:44:18 +0300

>No correction - while the name of the brown hyena has, in fact, changed
>since your book was written, that isn't what I was referring to! :) I was
>actually pointing out that the Praxian Hyena (/C theovorax/) bears the
>generic name of the RW spotted hyena (/C crocuta/), not that of, say, the
>striped hyena (/H hyaena/).

Now I see. Not that I would understand english so well, but when adding latin with it... ;-) Well, my fault.

The thing why I was amazed about in brown hyenas is this their 'memory' about old paths. What biologians found on this, was that the hyenas followed paths to old ruined cities, where their dam used to find scraps to eat, even before the cub existed. I think it sounds amazing! (Of course they don`t find anything nowadays from there, but they travel the whole path.) So, because things & weather etc. change a lot and all the time in the Wastes; these kind of paths could maybe include some form of heroquesting to the Hyena worshipers, or even maybe to Green Age revivalists.

What do you think, is there any sense? However, I want to say thank you for your replies Trotsky, Damien and Topi.

-Tero Pitkänen

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