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I've gotten more than a few emails about "Trader Princes" in recent weeks - presumably a few people liked what they saw at Continuum.

Greg's kindly allowed me to post a few teasers about the city of Fay Jee, the Trader Princes and Wenelia in general. Trader Princes is the first of several new Issaries Inc. publications which dwell on non-mainstream Glorantha and more scenario-oriented than previous works. Greg mentioned that he'd like to have more of this kind of stuff (even individual scenarios!) submitted.


WHAT=92S IN A NAME? * During the Silver Age, the wandering Pralori settled near the place that would become Fay Jee. Having no interest in the ancient ruins around them, they built a small fishing village where the river was shallow calling it Weahkoi =96 which means =93river ford=94 in the Pralori tongue=

When the eastern tribes drove the Pralori out and founded the short-lived Kingdom of Lukai, they occupied the now abandoned settlement, constructing a ferry and crude fortifications on the nearby hills. As was custom, they adopted the old name, incorporating it into their own language as Weahkoi Ford. Over the years, this was shortened to Weahkoifurd. Later, when King Hereol built a bridge over the Merbuli River (as the Nimistor was known in those days), the village took a new name: Weahkoifurd Bridge.

Centuries later, after Arkat established the Dark Empire, the population soared as immigrants journeyed upriver from Slontos to till the rich farmlands. Gradually the name altered through common usage to the Weahkoifurdbridgeton. By the time of the Middle Sea Empire, the settlement had become a true city. The extensive fortifications required to keep the inland savages at bay, especially the massive wall and towers erected by the Border Counts, caused the city=92s name to be changed once more; this time to Weahkoifurd-Bridgetonburgh. After Duke Bostalos ordered the summoning of immense guardians in 820, the city=92s name was changed in honor of the demons, presumably because =93Fay Jee=94=

was short.


I'll dig a few more tidbits up if people are interested - hopefully this is not *too* strange (or dumb)...


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