RE: [Glorantha]RE: Sun county women

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 18:12:41 +0100

> > I'd agree with your colour assignments, but you've got the
> reasoning
> > the wrong way round. ..

> I am not sure what you mean by the wrong way because I also
> assigned brown and green to women and yellow and blue to men,

Exactly - we agree about the colour assignments. But you implied that the choices were being made by the men. Do they weave, dye, or make the clothes? No. So they get what they're given. And they are not given green or brown. If women decide to wear yellow or blue, they can, of course, though it would be a bit tasteless, sinking to that level.

> I justify the yelmalion attitude to women in my game this way:
> Umath sundered Earth and Sky and ended the golden age.
> Orlanth stole Ernalda from Yelm and murdered him, causing the
> darkness.
> So they see all non-yelmalions (most would be orlanthis as
> they share the same area) as potential women stealers.

That makes a *lot* of sense.

> Logicaly they make sure that the women are not exposed to
> this danger. So they are supposed to hide from strangers,
> veil themselves if they have to encouter them and avoid
> speaking to them in all but the direst circonstances.

And this is "expected to" in the same sense as "expected" not to jump off cliffs. Not because it's immoral and disobedient (boring! tell the guys to get stuffed, and get on with life!) but because it's dangerous.

> Of course women who manage to leave the ernaldan path would
> not be expected to conform to this mythic model, after all
> their myth is different.

Fine! Looking good.

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