RE: [Glorantha]Hyena

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 18:39:01 +0100

> The thing why I was amazed about in brown hyenas is this
> their 'memory'
> about old paths. What biologians found on this, was that the
> hyenas followed
> paths to old ruined cities, where their dam used to find
> scraps to eat, even before the cub existed.


There's *got* to be some sort of link with Issaries there!

I know we already have Issaries worshippers collecting bits of skin and taking them into the Wastes, but this Path ability has to be connected, too.

Hmm, they *say* they're taking the skins to help reassemble Genert, but who knows what they're really up to? Maybe the Desert Trackers can "read" the skins, and are trying to collect the set so as to find all the old paths? Some are much rarer than others... They're "Gathering the Magic", or some other order of those words...


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