[Glorantha](Brown) hyena paths

From: Tero (Tassu) Pitkänen <tassuguy_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 16:55:00 +0300

Jane wrote:

Indeed! These brown hyenas travelled along a coast and suddenly turned to inland. They travelled 50 km`s to an old ruined city, turned & travelled to another ruined city, and finally came back to the coast, where they dug a carrion from earth they hid there earlier. And after 9 years, "new" hyenas did the same.

>There's *got* to be some sort of link with Issaries there!
>I know we already have Issaries worshippers collecting bits of skin and
>taking them into the Wastes, but this Path ability has to be connected,
>Hmm, they *say* they're taking the skins to help reassemble Genert, but
>who knows what they're really up to? Maybe the Desert Trackers can
>"read" the skins, and are trying to collect the set so as to find all
>the old paths? Some are much rarer than others... They're "Gathering the
>Magic", or some other order of those words...

Something like that. Maybe the paths (in general) would be a secret only few cults/people know... IMHO, there was only a couple of lines about the topic (in a magazine), so maybe we should make sure about it. Maybe if Trotsky knows something about it...?

Btw, how do the Hyena worshipers react to these Issaries questers? I think the only article 'bout the Issaries` "hyena skin quest" was in the old TotRM.


-Tero Pitkänen

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