[Glorantha]Epic Orlanthi Poetry

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_timellis.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 23:09:00 +0100

Me, I blame John Hughes.

I was reading over some old posts looking for inspiration for new tales for the Continuum storytelling session, when I came upon his posts about epic Orlanthi poetry. You remember the ones, all about Triads, and Kennings, and alliterative verse forms.... So I wrote some epic Orlanthi poetry.

OK that's a lie. I wrote some limericks.

The Governor Sor-Eel the Short
Stood by the river and thought

        He wanted no trouble 
        from down in the Rubble

But he did want the cradle be caught

But he didn't get all his own way
For young Garrath Sharpsword had a say

        For Sartarite cause
        (and the treasure, of course)

Our PC's helped steal it away!

We worship Urox as Storm Bull
His Devotee's Life is not Dull
        With Battle and Strife
        and that's home with the Wife

Is why he goes looking for Chaos to Cull.

The symbol of Sartar's a flame
And the Kingdom's not been the same
        Since it failed to be lit
        By the scholarly twit

That the Lunars installed, Termatain

We've heard of the fall of Whitewall
And the death of old Orlanth and all
        They drove off the Bat
        Near the start of the spat

But the storm blew itself out in a squall

We've been told of the household of Death How they fought to the very last breath
        The blood line of Princes
        and ever since -es

We've been in a hell of a meth!

Yolanda the talonned countess
Of Spon has a lot to confess
        She told it one day
        to a priest from Holay

Under a minimal amount of duress.

The lord of the zombies, Delecti
I hope he doesn't select me
        To live in the Marsh
        In conditions so harsh

'Til cut down by a duck or Humakti

The mind eating skull of Atyar
Is often best viewed from afar
        For mix it with Than
        The old headless man

And Bingo! You've got Thanatar!

A Broo will screw anything
A Scorpion Man has a sting
        The old Jack O'Bear
        Has a Harmonise Stare

Just look at the Chaos they bring.

Sexually ambivalent Heler
Made passionate love to a feller
        A crone, woman and girl
        A boy, with a curl,

And a sheep that he kept in the Cellar

And a special "Imperial Age" one that I wrote after Continuum

Have you heard that the latest new Craze Is to visit Lord Labrygon's maze

        It's secret is mystical
        The Odds are statistical

You'll be lost in it's tunnels for days.
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