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A foolish young chap named Tim Ellis
Too many errors encountered; the rest of the message is ignored: Wrote poems that we all cherish.
He posted his verse,
It would've been worse
If he'd posted the filk of Keith Nellist  

The Dragons that live in the Pass
Can't tell D'lecti's head from his arse
He created a swamp,
Stays there, all damp,
To stagnant water dragons are averse.  

The animal nomads of Prax
Ride upon animal backs
Some say that they smell
They say "what the hell?"
"It's baths and bathwater we lacks"  

To rhyme in tradetalk is absurd
In that lingo they don't have a word...
For tum ta ta tum,
Ta tum ta ta tum..
Buy now pay later!  

The sibilant, inhuman King
Has never been tempted to sing
His tongue is slit
His voice is ...
It would be such a terrible thing.  

The toothmaker called Jaldon Khan
Tried to cause all his enemies harm
A crazed dental mystic
Who ate all the biscuits
>From Wrong River down to Thog's Arm

OK, I'll stop now. That last one was terrible. Tim blamed John Hughes, but that seems terribly unfair.


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