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From: Henk Langeveld <>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 16:51:47 +0200

Andrew Solovay quoted Daniel:
>>Cults of Prax first mentioned the Hyaena-Issaries-Genert part >>connection.

and responded:

> Aye--but in CoP, there's nothing to imply that hyena skins *in particular*
> might be parts of Genert. A merchant finds a hyena-skin scroll, and it turns
> out to be Genertish--but as presented, the fact that it's a hyena skin is
> entirely incidental. (In the narrative, the item could just as easily have
> been a wooden spear or a silver necklace or a stone cup. It's just presented
> as "This random thingy turned out to be a piece of Genert.")

Not just skin, but any part, according to Sandy in the Daily:

> Bob Luckin:
>>I don't recall ever seeing/hearing the reason that Genert could be
>>reconstructed from hyena skins. Sandy Petersen:
> In NOMAD GODS, it is explained that Hyena (the spirit entity) was
> called upon by Genert to eat his corpse so it wouldn't fall into the
> hands of Chaos.


> In CULTS OF PRAX, members of a certain Issaries subcult are required
> to take pieces of Genert to him in order to repair him.
> Basically, any hyena, by virtue of its descent, has a tiny little
> piece of dead Genert in him. Some hyenas or pieces of hyenas have more
> than others. The example used in CoP was a rune-carved bit of hyena
> skin, but hyena entrails, tails, etc. are also usable. The cult
> requirement to deliver bits of Genert to him is variable in its urgency
> depending on how magic the bit of Genert encountered is. Most priests
> wouldn't become a Desert Tracker just because they saw a hyena (but some
> might).
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