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> "Andrew Solovay" saus:
> Aye--but in CoP, there's nothing to imply that hyena skins *in
> particular* might be parts of Genert. A merchant finds a hyena-skin
> scroll, and it turns out to be Genertish--but as presented, the fact
that > it's a hyena skin is entirely incidental. (In the narrative, the item
> could just as easily have been a wooden spear or a silver necklace or a
> stone cup. It's just presented as "This random thingy turned out to be a
> piece of Genert.")

As a matter of fact, hyenas in particular are parts of Genert. When the great spirit was slain the hyenas devoured him all to prevent his chaotic metamorphisis, as occurred in general to so many foes of chaos. This allowed the hyenas to survive the Darkness, albeint not unchanged but certainly coming off better than the things that turned into scorpion men (for instance).
I believe that the text makes it clear that it is hyena parts that the poor Garzeen Issarites have to return to the Great Waste.

> The parts are by no means all Hyaena skins. There should be no
> implication of such. A Genert-part hyaena skin also need not be a
> scroll. The story in CoP (page 59) also describes the piece as a patch
> of Genert's skin, not a hyaena's.

There is a persistant tradition that the hyenas, having lived upon the body of Genert, are now carrying his remains within them. And in that manner (you are what you eat) they ARE Genert. Or at least the part of him that can be obtained.

> Yes, the thingy happens to be a Genert piece and could be any of several =
> different things, as according to the original article. CoP, page 59, =
> "Some fragments of that pre-temporal deity were floating about in =
> various guises,...". Skin, bone, organs, hair, last meal, owned objects =
> such as your spear, necklace, and stone cup,
> whatever. Who'd want to tell Genert what his pieces are allowed to be =
> made of?

Essentialy true.

The Great Event of Prax in the Hero ars is, in fact, the reconstruction and resurrection of Genert, in corpus. The image of thousands of hyenas all vomiting into the Great Vat, where the other parts of the Great Spirit have been put together, is just too much of an image for me to reject.

If someone is interested in workign with me to construct this scenario in full, since my time is limited, please feel free to contact me.

-Greg Stafford

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