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From: Dread Domain <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 06:38:58 -0400

Thanks for the clarification Henk. How long does it take before an = "unused" trademark goes void?

I agree BRP-plus rules (has it been released yet?) could be slapped = witha RQ logo on it for greater recognition (after all BRP-plus rules = *are* RuneQuest 3 rules if I am not mistaken), I was just saying = Chaosium as such didn't seem to have or plan a fantasy line. In any = case, releasing rules only for the sake of releasing rules (without any = setting in the pipeline to support it) has a better marketing chance = IMHO with a RQ tag than with a BRP tag.

  Just my [informed] opinion on this (I'm not a trademark = expert/lawyer):
  Issaries does not have, nor need a license. They have claimed the   trademark, as no one else was *using* it. Which implies that in = order
  to keep the trademark, you obviously need to maintain the   registration, but you *also* need to use it in the context as = specified
  in the trademark registration. You cannot just *own* a trademark, or = it
  will become void.

  As Chaosium has just released the BRP-plus rules for use with the=20   Reaching Moon republications of Pavis, Griffin Mountain, etc. they   could actually use a license from Issaries as a "RuneQuest" stamp   of approval for that line. It would improve recognition with the old   guard.

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