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It depend on the country right system.
In general it fades if someone use it and in the trial you are not able to show it was still in use at the time the person has started using it. In France it's up to the court to decide the valid usage or not. Thus if for exemple you have domain and you have no active website on it then it can be legally claim by another brand to use it.

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Thanks for the clarification Henk. How long does it take before an "unused" trademark goes void?

I agree BRP-plus rules (has it been released yet?) could be slapped witha RQ logo on it for greater recognition (after all BRP-plus rules *are* RuneQuest 3 rules if I am not mistaken), I was just saying Chaosium as such didn't seem to have or plan a fantasy line. In any case, releasing rules only for the sake of releasing rules (without any setting in the pipeline to support it) has a better marketing chance IMHO with a RQ tag than with a BRP tag.

  Just my [informed] opinion on this (I'm not a trademark expert/lawyer):   Issaries does not have, nor need a license. They have claimed the   trademark, as no one else was *using* it. Which implies that in order   to keep the trademark, you obviously need to maintain the   registration, but you *also* need to use it in the context as specified   in the trademark registration. You cannot just *own* a trademark, or it   will become void.

  As Chaosium has just released the BRP-plus rules for use with the   Reaching Moon republications of Pavis, Griffin Mountain, etc. they   could actually use a license from Issaries as a "RuneQuest" stamp   of approval for that line. It would improve recognition with the old   guard.

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