[Glorantha]Lunar Army Structure

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Martin Laurie makes some excellent points in his analysis, and I just want to back him up.

The regiments are fixed. They are from a trditional place, have a headquarters/recruiting agency there, their own deity and so on. Some have not changed for a millenia or more.

The army "headquarters" are fixed. These are organizations which are made by the emperor (well, though an imperial process which is not simple).

Everything in between is up to the army leader to make up.

ESPECIALLY important:

> At the higher levels of control - ie above regimental - rank and position is
> based entirely on nobility, favour, patronage and power.

This is how thqt yoyo Tatius the Bright gets command of the theater. He's neither militarily nor magically equipped and experienced for the post. But his family has GREAT connections at court.

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