Re: [Glorantha]Re Imperial Ranks

From: Donald R. Oddy <>
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 01:44:56 GMT

In message <> Alex Ferguson writes:

>Or likewise, we have Jorkandros, subordinate to Fazzur, commanding a
>multi-regimental force during the initial siege of Whitewall. (The
>latter's command isn't formalised? Or, he isn't actually a Warlord?
>Which may amount to the same thing, I suppose.)

I'm coming to the conclusion that Jorkandros isn't a Warlord. I think he's a Dara Happen who Fazzur found it politic to appoint to some sort of separate command. Maybe he's a DH single star general so Fazzur can place a phalanx under him. Or maybe he was foistered on Fazzur by DH elements in the Odenviru. I don't think he has independent authority from the Emperor.

Donald Oddy

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