Re: [Glorantha]Re Imperial Ranks

From: Stephen Tempest <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 13:20:54 +0100

Alex Ferguson <> writes:

>Or likewise, we have Jorkandros, subordinate to Fazzur, commanding a
>multi-regimental force during the initial siege of Whitewall. (The
>latter's command isn't formalised? Or, he isn't actually a Warlord?
>Which may amount to the same thing, I suppose.)

Modern-style army:

General Jorkandros, take command of the 5th Imperial Army and capture Whitewall. I'll attach the 63rd Corps from the 4th Army to your command for the duration of the operation. Good luck, general.

Lunar-style army: (or any real world army before Napoleon's time)

My lord Jorkandros, you must capture Whitewall. Let's see what troops we have available for you: ah yes, the 3rd, 5th, 9th, and 12th Tarshite Regiments, the 11th and 15th Dara Happan Regiments, the 78th Sylilans and the 3rd Rinliddi. You'll probably need some cavalry too; I'll see if I can persuade Lord Illarxes to spare you a couple of Char-un regiments. Right, I'll send messages to the commanders of those units asking them to assemble... where will you put your headquarters? Wilm's Church? Very well, I'll tell them to assemble there by the fifth week of Sea Season. You can call yourselves the 5th Imperial Army. Good luck! Now, how about a spot of lunch, and you can tell me how your daughter is getting on with that new husband of hers. Any grandchildren on the way yet?



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