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From: Tero (Tassu) Pitkänen <tassuguy_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 14:43:31 +0300

While about a week ago we had the interesting topic about Praxian hyena and the path memory of RW hyenae, my time was a bit limited to reply. All in all, many of you made it very clear what it comes to collecting the parts of Genert...


(I wrote:)
>>Maybe the paths (in general) would be a secret only few cults/people know

>Of course. There has been discussion of this in writings concerning Prax.
>Hopefully some of that material will eventually see publication. Issaries,
>or one or two Issaries subcults deal with parts of this, and some unknown
>group(s) of oasis people and possibly some Praxian Hyaena societies and/or

I was only worried that before we add all those niceties to Garzeen`s Genert-Hyena connection, things should be decided from Praxian view of culture, IMHO. I mean I think that maybe too often we (still) view the Praxian culture from "outlander" perspective.

 >>there was only a couple of lines about the topic (in a magazine), so maybe we should make sure about it.

>Cults of Prax first mentioned the Hyaena-Issaries-Genert part = connection.
>There is an article about the Praxian Hyena in Tales no.15 which implies
>something about all this.

Yea, I have it. By "magazine" here, I actually referred a finnish mag called "The World of Science" and about its articles on path memory that the RW brown hyenae seem to have.

Greg Stafford:

>The Great Event of Prax in the Hero ars is, in fact, the reconstruction and
>resurrection of Genert, in corpus. The image of thousands of hyenas all
>vomiting into the Great Vat, where the other parts of the Great Spirit have
>been put together, is just too much of an image for me to reject.

I`m really awaiting if we`re gonna see this in some future release. Whoa!

-Tero Pitkänen

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