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Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 17:11:38 +0200

Hi friends,

The Sales page at www.Tradetalk.de was uptodate now. So you can order, = the following material there:

Magnus Liber Rerum - the continuum fundraiser from Unspoken Word:

The contents of this A5, perfect-bound book are:

Continuum by Lawrence Whittaker
The Taming of Pent by Martin Laurie
The Mysteries of Charg by Kevin McDonald E Stercore Durulzo by Stewart Stansfield The Imperial Durulz Constabulary by Stewart Stansfield The Ugulz: the dreaded cannibal pygmy ducks of Errinoru by Stewart = Stansfield
City of 10,000 Magicians by Pete Metcalfe Two Tales from the City of Serris by Newt Newport Kallyrkala Fragment by John Hughes
The Duel by Jane Williams
The Four Queens of Nature by Martin Hawley Warrior at the Gates of Dawn by Lawrence Whittaker Achec's Tomb by Newt Newport [scenario for HeroQuest] Cruel is the Snow by Guy Hoyle [HeroQuest scenario seed] Lebchi and the Tree Lady Heroquest by David Dunham A Hound it Was. by Chad Bowser [scenario for Victoriana] The Trumpton Riots by Steve Dempsey [rules-lite scenario for.weirdness] How Long Are My Tentacles by Mike Mason
The Magnus Liber Rerum Colouring Page
Fragments from the Magnus Liber Rerum by Keith Nellist

Cover by Simon Bray. Interior art by Simon Bray, Sarah Evans, Juha = Harju, John Hughes, Darran Sims and Stewart Stansfield.

Because it is fundraiser the price is 10,50 Euro including postage. = There was made only a small print run of it, so you should order it = soon, if you want your own issue.

Furthermore we offer the new Unspoken Word product: The Wintertops Fair. = It is the adventure Book for Wintertops Shadow.

It is also written by Ian Cooper, it throws the heroes into the midst = not just of epic political events, as King Orios Stern-hearted tries to = unite
the Exiles in the face of Lunar plots and internal division, but also = the gamut of day-to-day events at this great fair, from running the = bulls
through the streets of Wintertop to judging legal disputes, winning a = maiden 's hand in marriage or the 'champion's portion' of honour.=20

Ian has done a great job of wrapping together numerous plot strands and = possibilities, and the result is an excellent series of adventures and source of ideas, including numerous useful NPCs and also an updated, = HeroQuest-style Tarsh Exile homeland.
The book is 52 pages, stapled, with a brown-on-white cover. Being = shorter than the UW standard books, it is also a little cheaper: The = price is 13,50 Euro.

The Tentacles Compendium CD with a collection of pictures of the last = Tentacles Convention, also with two short films. Only for 12 Euro = including postage.

To give you an overview of our material here is the stuff with is still = available:

Tradetalk # 2 - Safelster=20
Tradetalk # 3 - East Ralios=20
Tradetalk # 4 - Holy Country Islands
Tradetalk # 5 - Holy Country
Tradetalk # 8 - Pavis & Big Rubble # 1
Tradetalk # 9 - Pavis & Big Rubble # 2
Tradetalk # 10 - Handra and the new fens
Tradetalk # 11 - Wenelia
Tradetalk # 12 - Heortland
Tradetalk # 13 - Outside Genertela: The Islands
Tradetalk # 14 - Outside Genertela. Pamaltela

Each issue 5 Euro and a subscription of five issues for 23 Euro. All = postage included.

The Glorantha Comic
Path of the Damned # 1 to 3 for 13 Euro each.=20

As special offer we sell an order of all three issues for 33 Euro until = the end of September.

Widow's Tale - The Glorantha Fiction Book from Penelope Love.

The Tentacles fundraiser:
Ye Booke of Tentacles IV
Ye Booke of Tentacles V
Shadow of Pavis
Beyond Pavis

For 12 Euro each.

Rough guide to Pavis City for 5,50 Euro

The Glorantha Con Fundraiser - MoonRites

Furthermore we have still a lot of Reaching Moon Megacorp, Unspoken Word = and Moondesign material to offer.

Take a look at www.Tradetalk.de




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