[Glorantha]JarEel vs. Harrek

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Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 09:15:58 EDT

Hello Friends

some digests ago Jane Williams wrote:=20
> Staying well out of most of this argument: but the contradictions about
> Jareel being killed by Harrek, but very much alive a paragraph later, have
> several possible solutions. One of which is that the fight being described
> wasn't between Jareel and Harrek.

I see it that way too.=20
JarEel was as well as Harrek at the Battle of Heroes, but they didn=B4t figh= t=20
each other directly.=20
Harrek killed a leading women of the Lunars, tore her heart off and wore it=20 as a juwel afterwards.=20
It the same battle JarEel got killed (or only deadly wounded), but recovered= =20
/was resurected) later.=20

It=B4s the same as in early Arthurian legends: Arthur and Mordred fought in=20= the=20
same battle, but not nessessarily killed each other. :-)



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