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From: Kevin P. McDonald <paul_mcdonald_at_ncsu.edu>
Date: Sun, 05 Sep 2004 12:09:37 -0400

Bravo to Peter's overview of the Invisible Orlanth background! I pretty much agree with everything he said.

I do have something to add about Saranko, though. It says in the old Genertela book that "This impetuous young man elevated an obscure cult into the most popular phenomenon in recent years, even attracting one of the ranking Counts of the land to its flock. Although initially surprised by his own success, Saranko has continued to popularize his cult and himself. He despises his half-brother, Brostangian Archmoor, and is reportedly motivated to do anything to harm or trouble him." Thus, IMO, he originally got involved in the cult as a way to piss off his brother (why? Jealousy?) and may have come up with the IO name himself to make it sound even more heretical. Saranko's other brother is Alehandro of the Brass Arm, the Satrap of Spol, who spent quite a lot of time at the front in Sartar. I think Saranko heard about the rebellious Sartarite Orlanthi from his brother, and deliberately associated the name with his cult to make it sound more dangerous. To his surprise (maybe), this made the cult very popular among young Carmanians. He was probably as surprised as anyone when heroquesters in his new cult returned from the Heroplane with "proof" of the cult's veracity in the form of newly (re)discovered questpaths and amazing new magical powers. Once the cult proved effective, "Count" (Satrap) Destrino became interested.

Just a thought...

~Kevin McD


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