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 Some of my friends are working on art book (fanzine) of the Lunar  Empire. This time they focus on Wane 5, HonEel's Wane.

 There are some questions:

(1) What is "Snake-whiskered Dragon of Losdolos Angsur" ? A true dragon?

    Are there any link with EWF ?

(2) What are "the Dance of Three Reconstructions" which Vinval-noy envisioned ?

(3) Is the "Sun", which HonEel would like to marry with, Kargzant?

(5) In Redline history of the Lunar Empire, it is said that "... Ernalda,

    an earth goddess whom the Sun once wooed, ...", but is it another     earth goddess (Basekora (sp?)) ?

(6) In another sentence, "... she returned safe and content again to

     the realm of the world in 523." Why HonEel returned from HeroQuest
     in ST.523?

(7) What is it like "Orathorn magi"? Monotheistic Sorcerers ?

(8) Someone said that In Night of Horror Heroquesters from the future

    glorantha intervene the event. Is it true ?

(9) Which weapon did HonEel like to use ? Scimitar ?


Malion A.K.A. Tadaaki Kakegawa
                      e-mail:   yelmalio_at_za2.so-net.ne.jp


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