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Hail, Malion.
It has been a long time last I have contacted with you...


> Some of my friends are working on art book (fanzine) of the Lunar
> Empire. This time they focus on Wane 5, HonEel's Wane.
Greg's Lunar Novel, recorded by Greya Bibliophile might have recorded some about her.

> There are some questions:
> (1) What is "Snake-whiskered Dragon of Losdolos Angsur" ? A true dragon?
> Are there any link with EWF ?

I don't know, but it made circle of HonEel at the beginning of her life and her end in the saga, it might make the shape of Ouroboros. Just a thought.

<<During this period, in 4/52, she encountered the Snake-whiskered Dragon of Losdolos Angsur which had sporadically ravaged Doblian and nearby lands since the Dawn of Time. Hon-eel met it alone, and though no one knows what passed between them, the dragon vanished and was not seen again until Hon-eel's death many years later.>>

<<Hon-eel herself died there, fighting desperately and successfully to save the Emperor's favorite children from furry, many-legged things, which scuttled about and waved shrunken heads that bobbed about on scrawny antennae. The Snake-whiskered Dragon of Losdolos Angsur appeared and, though he set the Emperor's children down in Yuthuppa, Hon-eel was never seen again.>>

> (2) What are "the Dance of Three Reconstructions" which Vinval-noy
envisioned ?

Maybe some kind of magical prowess to help reconstruction? She helped mostly about Dara Happans at that time.

> (3) Is the "Sun", which HonEel would like to marry with, Kargzant?

In Unspoken Word, Wintertop's Shadow might hint some kind of magic which she found at the corn rite of Oraya......I think it might some kind of reverse of barbarous LBQ ritual, for she entered hell from Eastern Gate...just a thought.

<<In the third year of the contest, Hon-eel set off during Sacred Time, departing Raibanth when it lay in cold and darkness. From there she roamed the shadowy realms of Godtime, losing herself in the Great Darkness until she found the fabled Eastern Gates of the world. This was a great path, but one which she was prepared to take after her study and use of magical powers. In hell she joined a crowd of faceless strangers chanting to the departed Sun. And, at the dawn of time Hon-eel the Artess joined the entourage of gods who were freed from Death. She participated in their Grand Dance of Time.>>

> (5) In Redline history of the Lunar Empire, it is said that "... Ernalda,
> an earth goddess whom the Sun once wooed, ...", but is it another
> earth goddess (Basekora (sp?)) ?

Quite likely, but I can't remember accurate name of her.

> (6) In another sentence, "... she returned safe and content again to
> the realm of the world in 523." Why HonEel returned from HeroQuest
> in ST.523?

I think it is mistake of 5/23. 5th Wane 23th.

> (7) What is it like "Orathorn magi"? Monotheistic Sorcerers ?

I remember Peter Metcalph at least once wrote some about them and their connection to Sheng, even if Martin Laurie didn't write some about them in his some Pentian works....

> (8) Someone said that In Night of Horror Heroquesters from the future
> glorantha intervene the event. Is it true ?

I remember someone said dragonkind perceive time quite differently....

> (9) Which weapon did HonEel like to use ? Scimitar ?

Why did she need such coarse tool? Even in her youngest day, she let nomads kill each other....far more sophisticated method. Anyway, she is not JarEel and a Whore (Orlanthi spat.)


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