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>(1) What is "Snake-whiskered Dragon of Losdolos Angsur" ? A true dragon?
> Are there any link with EWF ?

A true dragon. In Dorastor, Land of Doom p16 the same dragon is called Kardalo the Genertelan Dragon and is said to have visited Talastar before moving onto Doblian. Why it has to visit there is a mystery but it could be connected with the Ormsgone Valley considering that the EWF intended the Great Dragon to be the continent of Genertela. If so, the Dragon was tracing his journey from Ormsgone to Doblian. But that's inconsistent with the Snake Whiskered Dragon ravaging Doblian since the dawn of time.

>(2) What are "the Dance of Three Reconstructions" which Vinval-noy
>envisioned ?

Nothing known. I hazard the guess that it's a means of repairing the damage caused by Sheng Seleris. The Three Dances could correspond to the mortal world, the magical world and the transcedant world or they could correspond to the God world, the spirit world and the sorcery world.

>(3) Is the "Sun", which HonEel would like to marry with, Kargzant?

HonEel is marrying Yelm. In part, this is a contest about which version of the Sun God (Yelm or Kargzant) is superior.

>(5) In Redline history of the Lunar Empire, it is said that "... Ernalda,
> an earth goddess whom the Sun once wooed, ...", but is it another
> earth goddess (Basekora (sp?)) ?


>(6) In another sentence, "... she returned safe and content again to
> the realm of the world in 523." Why HonEel returned from HeroQuest
> in ST.523?

No. She returns in 5/23, the 23rd year of the fifth wane or 1486 ST.

>(7) What is it like "Orathorn magi"? Monotheistic Sorcerers ?

No. The only thing known about them is they are immortals and have undead servants. My own theory from a previous post is as follows:

         I imagine Orathorn to be the equivalent of Cooleridge's Xanadu. IMO
         it was originally part of the Land of the Dead that bubbled up to 
         the surface (the Hellcrack being another bubble that burst). The live
         Orathorni are the laidback rulers of a vast cavern and their servants
         are dead pentans who are quite happy to serve (they weren't good 
         in their past life to go to Kargzant's tent and they know the 
         to serving the Orathorni are much much worse - being eternally 
         in Gorgorma's crevice for example).

         I think the Orathorni magic involves summoning a portion of the 
land of
         the dead through the earth to detonate on the surface. This would
         have a variety of effects (such as being an army of corpses, a 
cloud of
         hellish choking vapours, silent fearsome shadows or even a startingly
         effective death spell). They can summon up any corpse they desire (so
         long as it was originally down below) and also send it back down 
         (to punish servants).

         There's a narrow path from the Cavern that leads up to the surface 
         I think the Orathorni have build an alien fortress here, full of 
dead that
         are fanatical in defense of the fortress (if they get chopped to 
         they know the Orathorni can always repair them).

         Borrowing further on the parallel, Sheng conquered the Orathorni 
and forced
         them to raise massive pleasure-domes for his warriors. The 
treasures of
         Kralorela and the Lunar Empire were stored in these domes to make 
         residence there a pleasurable one. The Orathorni being decadent 
         would dearly love their get their paws on these treasures and so 
are willing
         to help surfacers break into these domes. Unfortunately much of 
Sheng's army
         still resides there, patiently waiting for their leader to call 
them up again.

>(8) Someone said that In Night of Horror Heroquesters from the future
> glorantha intervene the event. Is it true ?

Greg once did (whether he still believes it is another question entirely). I once
developed a theory of how the Heroquesters were Argrath and Sheng Seleris in the event described in KoS, giving that both events took place close to each other.

         One day the king got a request for help from Sheng Seleris.  Argrath,
         always a man of honor, answered the call and went with an army to
         Molarisor city.  At the subsequent battle, Argrath was at the front of
         the fight always, and lead the attack which cut through the emperor's
         vampire bodyguard.  King Argrath then struck down the Red Emperor.
         King Argrath would have buried the body, or burned it with honor, but
         Sheng Seleris insisted on taking it and cooking it.  Hen then served
         up a great feast to his chieftains, who devoured their eternal foe.
         After that, although there was a Red Emperor, it was never again the
         same Red Emperor.  Unable to support it own perversity, the evil and
         corrupt empire fell to its own hunger and devoured itself.
                         KoS p34.

IMO I think the Nights of Horror created something similar to the Eternal Battle in the vincinity of Molarisor City that contains the heroes and grunts that have fought in the battle and have not been retreived by their own side (the Pentans because they can't, the Lunars because of certain political reasons*) as well as the Monsters that were created. The King of Sartar event refers to a plundering expedition by Sheng Seleris of this mythic battle in order to retrieve the body of Magnificus, the Emperor that defeated him, as the Real Red Emperor is long gone by this time. They haven't gone back in time, rather they have visited a mythic echo of the original Nights of Horrors.

The northern chronicler knows the broad breath of what has happened but being somewhat hazy on the details or its significance.

I should also note that Greg believes the KoS event refers to an ordinary conflict.

*namely that the new Mask, Artifex, does not want to retreive partisans of the old Mask, Magnificus, on the grounds they might challenge his authority or policy decisions.

>(9) Which weapon did HonEel like to use ? Scimitar ?

The Prosopaedia doesn't describe her with any weapon. As a result, I presume she had a powerful kick.

--Peter Metcalfe

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