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Greetings All!

As always, things have been very hectic around here, so unfortunately this is only a brief update.

We have a new poll up on the web site that we would like everyone to take a look at. A project has been suggested to us that we definitely want to do, but we want some feedback as to the best way to proceed before we make our decision. So please go to www.HeroQuest-rpg.com and follow the link.

Just this morning we received the final submission for Men of the Sea, the Player's Book for Sailors. We think it looks great, and plan to start final production on it immediately. We expect to have it out as a December release, assuming that we don't hit any major snags.

We have several other manuscripts we expect to get in the next couple of months, so hopefully we can get back onto a more regular schedule again.

Arcane Lore should have reached Warehouse 23 this week, so those of you who have ordered it can start checking your mailbox daily for it!



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