[Glorantha]RIP Jim the Barbarian

From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 15:24:46 -0700 (PDT)

I am saddened (and somewhat amused) to report the death of Jimima the Barbarian. Jim the Barbarian, known to his mother as Gunther, became female as a result of an ill-advised trial of a fabulous magical item, which aprently granted the user's heart's desire. Renamed Jimima, she made a lovely woman, if one found full beards on women attractive. She later obtained the magical ability to change her appearance by changing the relative mass of parts of her body, so long as the total remained the same. Since Jim had been a rather large man, this failed to improve the situation much.

Jimima was recently married to Swissboggler Nighthammer as a result of being carried away by the magical wedding of King Tunk the Funky to the Bee Queen (and because Arthur Petersen was soon to return from abroad, at which point I'd no longer be playing Swissboggler for him). She vigorously consummated the marriage in the hopes of helping repopulate her devastated homeland of Trond. Swissboggler's cries -- of pleasure no doubt -- we heard for miles.

Jimima died in our mammoth hunt of last evening, which was part of our strategy of depriving the invaders of Trond of their heaviest cavalry. Sadly, Jimima's arm was ripped from her body by the raging beast. When she crawled after it, it reared and landed squarely on her abdomen. Orlanth did not hear her, and her husband -- strangely expressing a lack of affection -- failed to rescue her. The rest of the party continued to fight the mammoth, with Fido Once-skinned the Awakened Herd Man successfully using judo on it. As Jimima lay expiring, we killed the mammoth, which collapsed atop her. Jimima lived up to her name in death if not in life, since we required a spatula to scrape up the 80% we brought back in a sack in the hope of resurrecting her.

Fortunately, Jimima will doubtlessly not be dead long.  If King Tunk fails to resurrect her, Trond is blessed by the liveliness of its recently deceased. Swissboggler will soon learn that the Trondling marriage ceremony no longer includes the concept of "til death do us part."

Jimima the Barbarian: Rest in Pieces.

Chris Lemens                 

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