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From: Jerome Blondel <jeblondel_at_free.fr>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 03:13:08 +0200

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>>Or is Esrola similar to Kero Fin, as mother of the main elementar gods of
>>the region (Choralinthor, Ezkankekko, ?)?

> I'm not sure of the Esrola thing. Wouldn't Triolina fill the role of Kero Fin better?

I like that. Ancient, mysterious cult of the proteiform Mother of Life. But IMO it's way too weird for most humans, who are too rational to awaken their inner protozoon.

> Certainly you need a food/life goddess to be all mother to Pelaskos as all father, no?
> I wouldn't make it Illuriad the Oyster goddess proposed for the Rightarm islands on
> http://kethaela.en.free.fr/

I'd like to find something better. It's based on an older Tradetalk article (by the authors of the upcoming Mens of the Sea, I think), but I am to blame for the wrong interpretations.

> But somehow Ernalda doesn't seem right.

What's needed is the fisherfolk's female role-model as Ernalda is to Orlanthi farmers. In doubt, I'd choose Esrola : she's the great goddess of the Holy Country, a mother of life (and children), and a Food goddess whom even the mermen recognize as the primal source of food (they call her Bab and she is the great floating earthcube). YGWV.

> Maybe some
> version of Tholaina (mother goddess of the creatures of the sea), who brings us our
> bounty from which we eat?

Certainly Iluriad or Oyster Girl is a daughter of Tholaina. Her wooing by Pelaskos has a parallel in Odayla's wooing of the Lady of the Wild.


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