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Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 11:33:13 EDT

Hi All,  

 I cannot and will not go into great detail, but Oyster Girl (She has a new name, but I wont reveal it) is the wife of Pelaskos amongst the Rightarmers. However he has different wives in different locations, the Orlanthi of Heortland who worship Pelaskos use the deity from Storm Tribe (can't remember the name). Esrolia is worshipped amongst the islanders as the Mother of Islands, but her husband is Choralinthor, Father of the Bay. Many of the Rightarm deities and practices are quite minor even there and are unknown elsewhere, it is a lot to do with the unique geo-meta-physical nature of the place. Whoever they worship they all know they are at the mercy of Magasta and thank him for it. I do not beleive that Pelaskos has an Allfather aspect or similar, he represent the lonely man sitting in his boat, resisting the elements and feeding his children. He is a little god, not a great one, that role is left to the Sea and Storm.  

Simon Bray

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