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>>I'd like to find something better. It's based on an older
>>Tradetalk article (by the authors of the upcoming Mens of the Sea, I
>>think), but I am to blame for the wrong interpretations.

> Really? What wrong interpretations?

The goddess seems just too minor to fulfill the various roles, there are gaps in the range of things that women usually do. For example motherhood is not covered. (Hmm, it's far behind, so I should go and check at the website, but I'm pretty sure of that.)


>>What's needed is the fisherfolk's female role-model as Ernalda is to
>>Orlanthi farmers. In doubt, I'd choose Esrola : she's the great
>>goddess of the Holy Country, a mother of life (and children), and a Food
>>goddess whom even the mermen recognize as the primal source of food
>>(they call her Bab and she is the great floating earthcube). YGWV.

> Oh really? I hadn't realized Esrola was also Bab. Hmmm.. It certainly seems she should
> still be the one then, even if more in a role as provider of the fish rather than the grower
> of grain. (I somehow thought she was more of a grain goddess.)

Yeah, my confusion. Choralinthor is a better choice for fish harvesting, and fish are the children of Tholaina and Golod. Esrola (or Ernalda if you prefer) still holds the mother attributes though.

>>>Maybe some
>>>version of Tholaina (mother goddess of the creatures of the sea), who brings us our 
>>>bounty from which we eat?
>>Certainly Iluriad or Oyster Girl is a daughter of Tholaina. Her wooing
>>by Pelaskos has a parallel in Odayla's wooing of the Lady of the Wild.

> I still stand behind Tholaina as a possible goddess, as she is the goddess of creatures
> of the sea, which would work for a fisher people. Or if not her, one of her daughters (for
> creatures that you fish?). Not Oyster Girl, I'd leave her to the Rightarmers, but possibly a

> similar myth?

Well, maybe Crab Girl, Mussel Girl, Sardine Girl, etc. (Which one do you prefer?), including a motherhood aspect (which is a bit outside of Tholaina's usual scope, but you'd have a suitable catch-all goddess).



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