[Glorantha]Goddesses in the sea

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Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 17:19:04 -0400

On 27 Sep 2004 at 6:56, Jerome Blondel wrote:

> > Really? What wrong interpretations?
> The goddess seems just too minor to fulfill the various roles,
> there are gaps in the range of things that women usually do.
> For example motherhood is not covered. (Hmm, it's far behind,
> so I should go and check at the website, but I'm pretty sure
> of that.)

The oyster goddess? She does seem to just have young girl and old crone functions, nothing in the middle, that's true. I do like the whole "pearl" motif among the dedicated worshipers though. Thing is, it makes it seem that she's a bit of a cult apart, a touch more of the Wise woman/sacred oracle thing. I happen to like that, but that isn't a daily life of the fisher-folk goddess by any stretch of the imagination.

> Yeah, my confusion. Choralinthor is a better choice for fish harvesting,
> and fish are the children of Tholaina and Golod. Esrola (or Ernalda if
> you prefer) still holds the mother attributes though.

Golod? I've never heard of Golod.

> Well, maybe Crab Girl, Mussel Girl, Sardine Girl, etc. (Which one do
> you prefer?), including a motherhood aspect (which is a bit outside of
> Tholaina's usual scope, but you'd have a suitable catch-all goddess).

Of those? Mussel Girl, preferably with fries. (Why yes, I do have close friends of the family in Belgium, why do you ask?)


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