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Having some practical experience with coastal fishing, why do you think that Pelaskites fish solo? Ok for harpooning or handline, I suppose, but netting fish usually is a group effort. (Nowadays an outboard motor may take over the role of part of the group, but hauling in the nets still profits from extra sets of hands...)

I did not mean that his followers follow that pattern of fishing, but he himself did, until aided by the Twelve Soul Birds who showed him the ways of survival. I see him initially as an Everyman character, then a leader of survivors, but it is his alliances that saved him as much as his own skill.  

Oops, I meant Faralinthor, Esrolia is of course a lusty widow :-) However if Gloranthan gods are anything like Greek or Roman gods I would not dismiss her  embracing her own son. There is just not enough of this going on in Gloranthan mythology.  

I also see the Rightarm Pelaskans as following a pantheon (excuse the term) of Spirits and Gods, where as those in Heortland and Esrolia would more likely  be theistic. In Esrolia I would have him married to a local daughter of Esrolia, perhaps a Goose Goddess, Salmon Goddess or Similar. In Heortland I would go for a daughter of Ernalda, further along the coasts god only knows who he shares his hut with. I did have a Fish Wife cult somewhere, perhaps I could did it out.  



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